About Blaise

We bring people together to make pet care better

St Blaise is the Patron Saint of Veterinarians. Known for his kindness and empathy towards animals and his ability to heal them, St Blaise could tame the fiercest of animals and helped timid creatures become braver. Animals trusted him and looked to him for help.

These values are at our very core, and we will always do the very best we can for each patient crossing our doors.

John Turkington, Head of Referrals Development

“St.Blaise was known for his compassion, empathy, and dignity towards animals and these are values which underpin what we do at IVC Evidensia. That’s why to name our first greenfield site in Longbridge, Birmingham in honour of him seemed very fitting.”

Saint Blaise loved to go away into the woods and fields where he could learn about the untamed creatures and teach them to be his friends.


The birds and beasts and fishes grew to love him because he never hurt them, but talked to them kindly and healed them when they were sick or wounded.


The timid creatures were brave in his presence, and the fierce ones grew tame and gentle at the sound of his voice. 


Unusual fact:  St Blaise is also depicted on the wall of the Sistene Chapel, painted by Michaelangelo, as he is also the patron saint of wool combers. In the painting he has 2 wool combs in his hand.

Working within a nurturing and supportive environment

Our Positive Pawprint strategy is a powerful statement of IVC Evidensia’s belief in setting and sharing new standards of sustainability in animal health.

This strategy is based on three pillars, People, Planet and Pets:


Working at Blaise allows you the support of your direct team, the wider team at Blaise and within IVC Evidensia.

We have a large community of specialists, clinicians and veterinary nurses working throughout Europe & North America. There are regular virtual meetings and the chance to share ideas, best practice and training.

At Blaise we are cultivating an inclusive environment supported by key initiatives to ensure that our people feel supported, nurtured and encouraged to be their most authentic selves. High on our agenda is:

  • LGBTQ+
  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
  • Wellbeing initiatives
  • Menopause

In addition, IVC Evidensia offers a number of CPD and training opportunities, both externally delivered and within our own training hub to give you the very best chance to develop your career and provide the best service to your patients.


Blaise will be built with a range of environmental considerations. It will be equipped with solar panels on the rooftop, air source heat pumps for heating and hot water, both initiatives lower the reliance on fossil fuels for heating and lighting. We will also have electric vehicle charging points for staff and clients, and landscaped areas to provide green spaces to encourage vegetation and wildlife.


Our Care Fund is an integral part of our mission of bringing people together to help make animal care better, by further supporting staff in providing the best possible care to assist pets and owners in difficult times.

This pan-European fund helps pets suffering from serious conditions by offering assistance to owners who are facing financial challenges.

Additionally this fund enhances the wellbeing of our staff by providing support and treatment options during an often challenging and immensely stressful time.