Hello my name is

Introducing the ‘Hello My Name Is’ Campaign to Blaise

Hello, my name is Julie Davis. As the newly appointed Hospital Director for Blaise, I am so excited to be part of this amazing new venture which will bring world-class facilities and cutting-edge equipment to the Birmingham area to help deliver the best possible pet care. The hospital plans look very impressive; but what has really made a lasting impression on me so far during the recruitment process is the desire to really place the right people with the right values at the heart of Blaise, and create and develop a positive, professional and respectful culture that will last long beyond the opening.

Hopefully due to this commitment, all of us in post or joining soon are already thinking about how we can ensure that our behaviours and interactions with others lead to an enjoyable experience for all those we come into contact with on a daily basis.


I’m sure some of you will have heard of the #hellomynameis campaign. Originally created by Dr Kate Granger, a clinician and a patient in the NHS, the idea behind it is to make human connections, build trust and develop relationships with others at what may be a vulnerable time in their lives. Put simply, it is about introducing yourself to others so that they begin to develop a relationship with you as a colleague or caregiver and develop this first rung on the ladder to delivering patient or person-centered compassionate care.

Kate died in 2016, but her legacy lives on and the campaign is now a very successful charity, inspiring changes in healthcare settings across the world. All of us at Blaise are so inspired by the work she has done, that we want to ensure that where we can, we follow the four values built up through the campaign, not only for our patients, but for our colleagues too.  And we hope that you will join us in this journey.

“Introductions are about making a human connection between one human being who is suffering and vulnerable, and another human being who wishes to help.”

Dr Kate Granger MBE

There are some very thought-provoking podcasts and videos on the campaign website, as well as the full story of why Kate started this campaign. We’d encourage you to access these online (Hello My Name Is | A campaign for more compassionate care) and, where you can, remember these four points each time you interact with others:

  • Start with an introduction
  • Remember the little things really matter
  • Put the patient at the heart of all decisions
  • See people as individuals

At IVC Evidensia there is a common vision, mission, customer promise, purpose and group strategy across all our clinics and hospitals, and these are at the heart of campaigns like this. 

We Care – help us put compassionate practice right at the heart of everything we do

We Dare - create a culture that inspires people to be creative and try campaigns like #hellomynameis to improve the experience for our staff, our referring vets, our pets and their owners.

We Share – we hope by sharing our ideas and case studies in the future, you may wish to implement this in your area and make a difference

We recognise that the #hellomynameis campaign values are similar to our own and encourage you to try it, and feedback where you think the campaign has led to improvements or changes in practice.