Being Blaise

Bringing people together to make pet care better

What makes us special?

Delivering exceptional care requires a team approach and we are just one cog in the machine. We aim to offer a seamless experience to pet owners that have been referred to us.

We inspire our colleagues, share knowledge in the wider veterinary environment, and focus on the best possible care for our patients and their families. This is what makes Blaise truly special.

"We are creating a unique environment here at Blaise. We want to show the world what an excellent referral hospital is like.

We offer training and progression to all our staff, regardless of their role, advise and support to referring vets, even when they are not going to refer that patient to us, and for pet owners, we want them to know how much their beloved pet means to us.

They are why we do what we do each day."

Andrew Kent, Clinical Director, Blaise

Building a new veterinary hospital from scratch rather than repurposing an old building has given us the unique opportunity to create a space that allows our teams to work in the best way possible. Blaise has been designed by veterinary professionals, for veterinary professionals.

Clinical staff at all levels have been involved in planning how the hospital is laid out, so it works for the people who will be using the space every day. We have created open-plan hub areas to enable team working and encourage collaboration. For us it’s important that our specialty discipline teams have their own areas for focused work, but these hubs will also allow them to be working next to colleagues in shared spaces; our teams find this cross-discipline working utilises everybody’s skillsets better and leads to better patient outcomes. 

We believe that creating and promoting a positive culture within the Blaise community will improve the care we provide. We will be keeping as many open plan spaces as possible, not only to allow the space to be used as required but also to encourage communication between our teams; the ability to discuss a case, ask for help or recognise that others need support is crucial to developing a collegiate team. Our senior nursing team, who are responsible for managing the floor, have been involved in planning the layout of the clinical areas so they can ensure they have visibility and oversight, check that workflow is optimised and enables them to identify and rectify any issues at the earliest opportunity.  

The layout of Blaise has been planned to enable easy movement and communication between team members, and to facilitate logical patient travel between consultation, stabilisation, anaesthesia, procedure and to hospital ward. Our clinical hub areas are the anaesthesia induction suite, which sits just outside the sterile theatre complex and next to the Internal Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging zones; the second clinical hub is the central prep area, which accesses the consult rooms, the wards, laboratory and pharmacy. The Intensive Care suite sits between the two hub areas.  

We are excited to introduce our teams to the hospital and see our vision come to life. 




We bring people together to make pet care better