Corporate Responsibility

Together as a team, we make Blaise a special place

IVC Evidensia Ethical Statement

Blaise Veterinary Referral Hospital is part of the IVC Evidensia Group. The IVC Evidensia Ethical Statement outlines the values and responsibilities of our group. It considers our patients, their owners, our staff and colleagues, as well as public health and global sustainability.

These guidelines direct our everyday work as well as policy decision processes and apply to all activities within the company, extending beyond clinical practice. This is not a complete list, rather a template to guide our ideals.

For IVC Evidensia, to be a responsible company means to behave ethically in all aspects of our business and to care for the environment. We must set good examples in the way we act towards each other as employees and the way we treat our business partners, always respecting laws and regulations in the countries we do business.

This Ethical Statement has been adopted by the Board and responsibility for compliance rests with all of us. This is how we earn the trust that forms the basis for our business.

Read the IVC Ethical Statement here

Positive Pawprint

Our annual Positive Pawprint Report is a summary of what IVC Evidensia’s progress has been so far on the sustainability milestones we have set ourselves, as well as what we intend to achieve in the year to come. This helps us move towards our vision of building the world’s best veterinary group.


It outlines our core strategy, which is working to protect the health and happiness of people and their pets, while reducing our environmental impact across the UK and wider group. This strategy is built upon three pillars: Caring for People, Caring for Planet and Caring for Patients.

Read the latest positive pawprint report here

Caring for People

Our most important asset is our people, which is why one of our pillars concentrates on how IVC Evidensia can look after veterinary colleagues across the group and create an inclusive, welcoming environment in each and every practice.

Caring for Planet

As a sustainability strategy, one of our key pillars must be the various ways we can care for the planet and ensure our business is operating to the highest standards, while minimising our impact on the environment.

Caring for Patients

Ultimately, our purpose is to have healthy pets and happy owners, and as a veterinary group we must always strive to focus on animal care and wellbeing. Our pillar in this regard is to ensure quality of care across our practices and empower our veterinary colleagues to be able to deliver this care for every single patient.