Pet Owner FAQ's

  • We have a large, dedicated car park. If you have mobility issues and need assistance getting into the hospital, please call us and a member of the client care team can come to your car.

  • Longbridge Shopping Park (a 5 minute drive or 15 minute walk away from Blaise) has an array of restaurants and shops, including Sainsbury’s, Herbert’s Yard, Subway, KFC, Greggs, and Costa. There is also a McDonald’s a couple of minutes’ walk away.

  • Generally, you should expect your consultation to last 1 hour.

  • You may bring toys and bedding to keep your pet comfortable in the waiting room, however, for health and safety reasons and to prevent loss of personal items, we unfortunately cannot allow any beds, blankets, toys, treats, etc, into the hospital. If your pet is on a specialised diet, please bring their food with them; this is the only exception.

  • If your pet is having an anaesthetic or sedation, starving is required to reduce the risk of complications. Starving may also be required for certain tests and imaging. Your veterinarian can answer any specific questions around this on the day of your consultation. If you accidentally feed your pet on the morning of your procedure, please be honest and inform your veterinarian, as it may be unsafe to proceed with treatment.

  • How long your pet stays with us is dependent on the treatment/procedure they are having, and how they respond to their anaesthetic (if they’re having one). We may need to keep your pet in overnight to continue administering medications and to monitor them. Your veterinarian will discuss this with you at your initial consultation.

  • Your pet may need to return for check-ups, continued treatment or imaging. Your veterinarian will discuss this with you at your initial consultation, and any follow-up appointments can be booked by our client care team.

  • Our direct claim admin fee of £25 covers the time of our team to collate your pet’s history, insurance information, insurance forms, the veterinarian’s sign-off, liaising with your insurance company and answering any queries. It may take your insurer some time to settle your claim, we will remain in regular contact with them to discuss the progress of your claim.

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