Why Blaise

Why have we named our hospital Blaise?

We wanted a name that captured the essence of our values.

We chose Blaise because St Blaise is the Patron Saint of Veterinarians. Known for his kindness and empathy towards animals and his ability to heal them, St Blaise could tame the fiercest of animals and helped timid creatures become braver. Animals trusted him and looked to him for help.

These values are at our very core, and we will always do the very best we can for each patient crossing our doors.

Why choose Blaise?

Whether you are referring a patient to us, bringing your beloved pet to us, or looking for a new role in a veterinary hospital, please rest assured that our approachable team and friendly nature allows us to get to know you, your clients, and your pets.

Kindness and empathy – we are a group of pet owners ourselves, so we understand the importance of a pet within the family. When we are looking after a patient, we treat them like our own, ensuring that they remain as comfortable as possible during their treatment.

Communication is a large factor in the way we work, ensuring that referring vets are updated on their patients, and pet owners receive an easy to understand explanation of their pets’ condition or procedure.

We are proud to have you put your trust in us.