We bring people together to make pet care better

For those of you who have walked around the local area close to Blaise, you will already have learned a little about the heritage of Longbridge and the links to motor manufacturing going back decades.On your travels, you may have seen this sign which all of us at Blaise think is quite apt for the positive people culture that we are trying to promote and develop here moving forward.

Working in animal health, you would probably say ‘it is all about the pets’ - it’s what vets, nurses and our support staff do every day of the week. But to deliver this excellent care, and be the best we can, we need the best people – and we need to look after them, engage them, motivate them and inspire them.


“We bring people together to make pet care better”

Every person that works at Blaise is doing something that adds value to the journey of every pet and their owner- this is a mindset that we need to encourage and embrace with all our staff. We want you to see the value in everything you do, aspire to offer the best care and service you can, and be brave and tell us where we can improve to make the patient's journey better.

We are hoping to create a real sense of community within our hospital through shared values, goals and interests. We want to create an environment where people connect with and learn from each other, we want to involve you in decision making regardless of your role and encourage you to actively appreciate and respectively challenge each other’s contributions.

We know that excellence in health care is dependent on teams. We know that cohesive teams with a shared purpose, clear roles and good communication perform better.  But in order to take a group of employees who have never worked together before and help them form this cohesive team, we must build a positive culture where feeling valued, respected and listened to is a priority from day one. As an evidence based organisation, we also understand the impact that poor behaviour or rudeness in the workplace can have on morale, wellbeing, retention and most importantly clinical outcomes. The culture we are trying to build will break down hierarchical barriers, encourage our people to think about the wider team, and reflect on how our personal actions may affect others. This is what will make our team special and help us make pet care better.

Setting up Blaise from scratch has given us the unique opportunity to hand pick every one of our new members of staff for opening day. We are building a multi-disciplinary, inclusive and diverse team that we are very proud of and know will work together to provide the best possible care. If you think that your values align with ours and want to join a referral hospital where our people are at the heart of all we do, come and join the Blaise Squad!