BSAVA Congress 2024

Marios Charalambous contributes to Neurology Module at the BSAVA Congress 2024

Marios Charalambous, neurologist at Blaise and an associate at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover in Germany, contributed to a neurology module at the BSAVA Conference 2024 in Manchester on Saturday 23rd March. His involvement was alongside two other neurologists and a rehabilitation veterinary nurse. Marios delivered two lectures and participated in a panel discussion, focusing on the following topics:

Lecture 1: The neurological trauma patient: easy cheesy lemon squeezy approach in practice.

Marios addressed veterinary surgeons on the topic of traumatic brain injury, with the presentation objectives being:

•To establish a diagnostic strategy for cases of head trauma

•To comprehend the significance and limitations of diagnostics in trauma cases

•To advocate for a minimalist approach when appropriate.

Lecture 2: The acute seizuring patient: how to manage in practice.

The second lecture provided insights into the management of status epilepticus in dogs and cats, aiming to:

•Clarify the diagnosis and underlying causes of status epilepticus

•Highlight the indications for emergency antiseizure medication and the selection of effective drugs

•Delve into the pharmacology and practical use of emergency anticonvulsant medications in veterinary settings.

Panel Discussion: Not to panic: it is a neurological emergency.

During a panel discussion, Marios engaged in thorough case discussions and addressed neurology-related questions from the audience.

Overall, the module was well attended and received positive feedback, highlighting its success and the value of the content delivered.

Should you wish to refer a patient or seek advice on a particular case, our neurology team provide a comprehensive neurology and neurosurgery service and offer support either via telephone 0121 238 2000 or email