Honey Makes Sweet Recovery

Lovely Honey, a 6 year 7-month-old female neutered Springer Spaniel, sustained a large traumatic wound when out on a walk. Honey was running off the lead when she returned to her owner with a large open wound on her chest exposing muscle. Her owner was so distraught and concerned at the sight of the wound that he carried her all the way back to the car.

Honey was presented to the emergency service and treated with analgesia and initial wound management. Once Honey was stable, she was transferred to the specialist soft tissue service where Lara Dempsey, Head of Service – Soft Tissue Surgery and the team continued her care. Due to the extensive nature of her wounds, she required daily open wound care management and dressings. To close the wound completely, a few staged surgeries were required, and Honey was hospitalised with us at Blaise for around 3 weeks to achieve this.

The good news is that despite her long hospitalisation stay with us, she still loves coming to see us and immediately rolls over for a belly rub!

Honey has now fully recovered, and her wound has completely healed. This was just in time for her family to be able to take her to the beach during their half term break and enjoy Honey back to her happy, active self.