Nimbus - Heart Murmur

Investigations of an Asymptomatic Heart Murmur

Nimbus presented to the Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology Service at Blaise Veterinary Referral Hospital for investigations of an asymptomatic heart murmur.

Nimbus was seen by Xavier Navarro-Cubas, Head of Service - Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology Service at Blaise who performed a full physical exam, with a special focus on his heart auscultation. Following physical examination, Xavi performed a complete Doppler echocardiogram to investigate the cause of Nimbus’s heart murmur. Thankfully, Nimbus’s heart ultrasound did not show any abnormality, and Nimbus’s heart murmur was concluded to be “innocent” (i.e., absence of structural heart disease or physiological explanation for the murmur).

Puppies and kittens can commonly present with heart murmurs. In cats, non-pathological heart murmurs (i.e., without structural heart disease) are relatively common. However, in some cases, and more importantly if heart murmurs present alongside gallop sounds or arrhythmias, can be caused by serious, life-threatening heart conditions. Therefore, the earlier a diagnosis is made, the better. In some cases, we can even provide curative treatment.

To encourage the diagnosis of these conditions as soon as possible, we offer a ‘Puppy/Kitten Heart Murmur Clinic’. Patients referred to the clinic will have a full consultation with a Cardiologist (either Xavier Navarro and Ela Mederska) and a full Doppler echocardiogram, for a total of £250. Once a diagnosis is achieved, the Cardiologist will meet the pet owner(s) again to explain the results of the investigations, its clinical implications and recommended treatment, if required.