Freyja’s Ovarian Teratoma

Meet Freyja, a 4-year-old Labrador who came to Blaise for further evaluation of a suspected right ovarian teratoma, which was incidentally found at the time of routine neutering at the referring practice.

Freya underwent abdominal CT scan, which showed a large heterogenous mass, mainly composed of multiple cysts and some bony structures with no invasion of the surrounding structures.

After imaging, exploratory laparotomy was performed to excise the mass and perform an ovariohysterectomy at the same time.

Once the mass was opened, multiple fluid filled cysts were noted along with a large amount of hair and small fragments of bone. Histopathology confirmed the diagnosis of a benign teratoma. Teratoma are rare tumours consisting of different type of tissues such as muscle, hair, bone and teeth but thankfully, surgery is curative in these cases.

Freyja recovered well from her procedure and was discharged the following day.