Anaesthesia & Analgesia

Our Anaesthesia team works with all our departments, to make sure your pet feels safe and comfortable before, during and after any kind of procedure – be it surgical, medical or just a routine check-up.

From the moment your pet receives a gentle sedative to the time they wake up, our Anaesthesia team will ensure your pet is well looked after and closely monitored using cutting-edge technology.

If your pet requires a more advanced workup or surgery, our Anaesthesia team will ensure your pet receives the appropriate anaesthetic, including a detailed plan of how to monitor all their vital signs during and after they have recovered from their anaesthetic. They are involved every step of your pet’s journey.

If your pet needs a special kind of care, our team can provide focused nerve blocks. This, along with a mild sedative, can result in a faster recovery time and fewer complications after the procedure.

Pain management? We’ve got that covered too. Using tried-and-tested methods to assess pain levels, our team will work to create a unique pain relief plan just for your pet.

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