Daisy Norgate

Veterinary Anaesthetist

Daisy Norgate - Veterinary Anaesthetist
Daisy Norgate MVetMed DipECVAA MRCVS Veterinary Anaesthetist

Daisy graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2012.

She worked within mixed practice for a while, before undertaking an anaesthesia internship at Liverpool Vet School in 2015. After completed her internship and subsequent residency at the RVC, Daisy gained her European Diploma in Veterinary Anaesthesia & Analgesia in 2021

Daisy has worked within a private referral hospital since becoming a Diplomate.

Her clinical interests are oncology and vascular soft tissue surgeries, and chronic pain cases and acupuncture. And she is currently undertaking a certificate in ‘Integrated Care in Veterinary Practice’ which covers veterinary acupuncture, electroacupuncture and chronic pain medicine and management.

Daisy says, “I have always enjoyed anaesthesia since I undertook my final year rotations in this discipline.  My love for it continued to grow, especially as the training was in all species.  I thoroughly enjoy training up new team members in this discipline, and watching them perform safe and efficient anaesthesia.”

In her spare time, Daisy enjoys all forms of exercise from open water swimming to hiking. In fact, anything that takes her outside and into nature. She has a cat named Martha, who she rescued during her first job over 10 years ago. She also enjoys live music and socialising.

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