Ela Mederska

Veterinary Cardiologist

Ela Mederska - Veterinary Cardiologist
Ela Mederska DVM CertAVP(VC) PGCert VPS AFHEA MRCVS Veterinary Cardiologist

Ela graduated in Poland in 2013.

She worked in small animal practice in the UK for 2 years, gaining valuable medical and surgical experience. She then working in a small animal hospital, again in the UK, where she gained her certificate in veterinary cardiology. She then moved into an internship and started a residency in veterinary cardiology in 2020. Her residency completes in November 2023 ready for her move to Blaise.

Her clinical interests are interventional cardiology, and recently Ela presented her abstract ‘Right ventricular function in Great Danes’ at the VCS conference in November 2022. She also holds the AFHEA teaching qualification, which she gained in 2021.

Ela says, “I'm excited to further advance my skills in interventional cardiology through additional training. This will enable me to offer cutting-edge minimally invasive procedures and treatments to our animal companions, enhancing their quality of life and ensuring the best possible outcomes

In her spare time, as well adopting a deaf one eyed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Ela is passionate about cycling, allowing her to explore the outdoors and clear her mind. She is also currently project managing some home renovations.

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