Emma Suiter

Referral Clinician in Neurology

Emma Suiter - Referral Clinician in Neurology
Emma Suiter BSc (Hons) BVetMed PGDip(VCP) MRCVS Referral Clinician in Neurology

Prior to starting vet school, Emma completed a BSc (Hons) in bioveterinary science.

Emma graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2016, and subsequently spent two years in small animal first opinion practice before completing a rotating internship.

She also gained the PGDip(VCP) in 2019 during her rotating internship.

She then joined another veterinary referral hospital and started a neurology internship followed by a neurology residency, which she is due to complete in February 2024.

Emma’s clinical interests are neurosurgery, in particular decompressive spinal surgery and spinal stabilisation, and she is “Very excited to start at Blaise following completion of my residency at Pride Veterinary Referrals. I hope to help build a successful and passionate neurology service.” She has also presented in a number of veterinary and veterinary neurology congresses.

She adds, “I find neurology fascinating, and genuinely love that I will never stop learning in this discipline. It is also extremely rewarding, whether that be performing spinal surgery and seeing a previously paralysed patient walking again. I also love working with an owner to try and provide the best support for their epileptic pet. I feel very lucky that I truly do what I am most passionate about every day.”

Emma has a very spoilt, long-haired dachshund called Hewie, who has been with Emma throughout her journey to becoming a veterinary neurologist. He had spinal surgery himself and made a full recover, so often joins Emma on CPD events to help show vets, nurses and students how to perform a neurological examination. She also have a black Labrador, who loves fuss and attention.

When not walking her dogs, Emma enjoys going to the gym, and is currently learning to snowboard. She loves cooking and trying new recipes, and enjoys playing video and board games with her partner and friends.

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