Luca Smerieri

Veterinary Surgeon

Luca Smerieri  - OOH Vet
Luca Smerieri CertAVP, PgCert VPS, GPCert (EM&S), Recover Initiative CPR-instructor, MRCVS, DVM OOH Vet

Luca graduated from the University of Padua, where he initially worked at the Veneto region's first 24-hour clinic. His career then focused on anaesthesia, emergency medicine, and intensive therapy, paralleling human medicine. He gained extensive international experience in the USA and Europe, eventually arriving in the UK in 2015.

After a period in Venice, he co-founded the city's first ICU. Among his various certifications, he became Italy's first RECOVER CPR instructor.

In his free time, Luca enjoys composing music on his electric guitars and planning trips to photograph cities and cats worldwide.