Andrew Kent

Clinical Director & Internal Medicine Specialist

Andrew Kent - Clinical Director & Internal Medicine Specialist
Andrew Kent BVSc DipECVIM-CA MRCVS Clinical Director & Internal Medicine Specialist

Andrew graduated from the University of Bristol in 2008.

He worked within mixed practice and small animal practice before undertaking a residency in small animal internal medicine at the Queens Veterinary School Hospital - University of Cambridge.

He gained his European Diploma in Small Animal Internal Medicine in 2016.

Andrew’s clinical interests include urology, gastroenterology and interventional radiology/endoscopy. He has already presented extensively in the UK and abroad.

Andrew joins not only the Blaise internal medicine team, but also takes on a leadership role within the hospital as our Clinical Director, and has been involved with much of the planning of the hospital and services.

Talking about his Clinical Director role, Andrew says, “I am excited to move into a leadership role and passionate about creating a hospital with an inclusive and collaborative culture.”

In his home life, Andrew has two aged pets, Bracken, a rescue American Bulldog cross Bullmastiff, and Herbie, a tailless moggie. He is also kept busy by his family – he has 2 beautiful young daughters. And in his spare time, Andrew enjoys singing, theatre and sports.

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