Anaesthesia & Analgesia

Anaesthesia and Analgesia are at the heart of everything we do at Blaise. Led by Jacques Ferreira, our Head of Service, the team are involved in every procedure that we undertake.

They manage cases receiving sedation and anaesthesia from pre-medication through to recovery, offering a range of anaesthetic techniques and medications. They also utilise advanced multi-parameter technology for close monitoring of all patients, including:

  • Modern multiparameter monitors with advanced monitoring capabilities, and mobile multiparameter monitors for when patients are being transported within the hospital.
  • A central monitoring system allowing real-time access to, and surveillance of patient monitoring data.
  • Modern mobile defibrillator with pacing capabilities.
  • Syringe drivers with drug library to enable highly specific doses of medications.
  • Nerve stimulator, and peripheral nerve stimulator.
  • Forced air warming devices for continuous warming of patients under anaesthesia.
  • Gas trolleys and dedicated oxygen supply.
  • Point of care ultrasound machine to enable visualisation for complex nerve blockade.

Loco-regional techniques – where appropriate, the team will recommend and provide targeted nerve blocks, which, along with sedation, offer the patient a quicker recovery time and less post-operative complications.

Analgesia – using validated pain scoring processes, the anaesthesia team will assist their colleague in creating bespoke pain management plans for each patient.

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