Emergency & Critical Care

At the heart of Blaise, you'll find our ICU, run by a dedicated team of ECC experts and caring nurses. This dynamic team complements the skills of other specialities in the hospital, seamlessly bridging gaps between surgery, anaesthesia and internal medicine, while also offering an ‘out of hours’ emergency service in partnership with Vets Now.

The ECC specialist service fulfils two main roles for the hospital; the ‘E’ - enabling rapid referral, assessment and stabilisation of acutely ill patients, and the ‘CC’ - taking charge of those critically ill patients in the ICU that need their specialist input.

Prep Room:

The prep room at Blaise is at the centre of the hospital and our operations. It houses workstations used for triage, minor procedures, anaesthesia induction and inpatient treatments. Located close to other hospital areas, patients can be easily transferred to wards, ICU, imaging or elsewhere as needed.


The intensive care unit at Blaise is dedicated to the care of critically ill patients. It is custom-designed and equipped to the highest standards for exceptional care. Our highly trained team provides continuous staffing, transfusions, respiratory support, patient monitoring and specialised treatments.

The ICU also features a dedicated procedures area for advanced techniques. Cutting-edge technologies like remote patient monitoring enable our ICU team to detect problems from anywhere in the hospital.

Keeping our ECC service running smoothly are our incredibly talented ICU nurses, whose skill and dedication form the backbone of the service. Many of our nurses hold additional qualifications in ECC, and their vigilance is vital in monitoring our critical patients on their clinical journey.

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