Blaise offers advanced cancer diagnosis and a range of medical and surgical treatments, supported by the anaesthesia, medicine, surgery and neurology teams.

The Oncology team is led by an Oncology Specialist and together they accept referrals for all types of cancer patients. This includes cases where the diagnosis has already been reached by the primary vet as well as cases where cancer is highly suspected (e.g. enlarged lymph nodes or masses of the skin or tissue).

Our team has the full range of expertise and facilities to diagnose and treat surgical and chemotherapeutic responsive tumours.

  • Generalised lymphadenopathy (i.e. confirmed or suspected lymphoma)
  • Bone marrow or blood cancers (e.g. leukaemia)
  • Soft issue or bone tumours (e.g. soft tissue sarcomas or osteosarcomas)
  • Skin tumours (e.g. squamous cell carcinomas, mast cell tumours)
  • Oral tumours (e.g. melanoma, chondrosarcoma)
  • Abdominal tumours (e.g. splenic haemangiosarcoma, hepatic carcinoma, urinary tract carcinomas)
  • Thoracic tumours (e.g. lung carcinoma, thymoma)
  • Endocrine tumours (alongside the Medicine, Surgery and ECC teams)

The Oncology team are happy to see all types of oncology cases to confirm diagnosis, perform staging and discuss all treatment options and prognosis with clients, even if they do not wish to pursue further treatment.

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