Roxi’s Christmas miracle!

Meet Roxi, a 2-year 6-month-old female neutered Cockapoo, who sustained pelvic trauma following a road-traffic accident just before Christmas.

Roxi was initially presented to our ECC service, where analgesia and initial stabilisation were provided as she was reluctant to stand and walk on the pelvic limbs. A CT scan of Roxi’s pelvis showed a type II (foraminal) fracture of the left sacrum, a right ischial fracture and multiple pubic bone fractures. In collaboration with our orthopaedic and neurosurgery teams, Vassilis, Ivan and Ricardo repaired Roxi’s sacral fracture with a dorsal transiliac bone plate and a transiliac pin, which allowed a perfect fracture apposition and pelvic alignment.

Roxi recovered well following her surgery and managed to be discharged from hospital before Christmas to spend it at home with her family. She has made remarkable progress post-surgery and she will soon be allowed to return to her usual super-active (hopefully not too mischievous) self.