Pippa – Ectopic Ureter

Pippa is a beautiful Labrador who was rescued earlier this year. She was very much enjoying her new life but was suffering from urinary incontinence (unconscious leakage of urine) that was impacting her quality of life and that of her new owners.

Pippa’s Vet had performed a CT scan which had shown a very dilated ureter (the tube from the kidney to the bladder) which appeared to open in the urethra rather than in the bladder. This is consistent with a diagnosis of an ectopic ureter, allowing urine to flow out of the body rather than be collected in the bladder.

Pippa was referred to Internal Medicine Specialist Andrew Kent to try to address the problem. Andy performed a cystoscopy (camera examination of the urinary tract) which confirmed an ectopic ureter. This had also led to formation of a ureterocoele (dilation of the ureter within the bladder) and was accompanied by an extra band of tissue within the vagina.

Thankfully, Blaise is one of the few centres in the country where minimally invasive laser procedures can be performed to correct these abnormalities. Andy has been performing these for many years, successfully treating hundreds of dogs in that time.

Laser ablation involves passing a specialised catheter into the ectopic ureter then using a laser fibre, under camera guidance, to remove the abnormal tissue and move the opening back into the bladder. It is usually a day procedure with a very short recovery time and has many fewer potential risks than other methods of correction (such as surgery).

Pippa’s procedure was completed uneventfully and has been a huge success. Her urinary incontinence has resolved, and she is now enjoying life to the full!